About Nupeaa



We all know that being parents can be a challenging task ! Our jobs can be so complicated. Think of all the times you have thought, “Surely, just surely there must be an easier way to...".

We thought exactly that, that is when NUPEAA was born. NUPEAA is dedicated to making life easier for parents who want a convenient way... that way is NUPEAA.

OUR MISSION: Offer parents carefully designed products to make you wonder about how you ever survived without them.

We want to provide parents with products that allow them to maximise their time with their little ones, rather than wasting precious time packing numerous feeding items before leaving the house.

"As very social parents who are always on the road, we set out to offer carefully designed products that make your life easier on the go. Giving all parents the freedom to rush out the house without worrying about packing every utensil and the kitchen sink!"

Dee & Dale - Proud Parents

We spoke to hundreds of parents about the future of parenting and with many common similarities one stood out from the rest.

And that was.... "We are now, all more social than ever!"
We all agreed that that the future will only become more social, And NUPEAA is on a mission to be the baby brand that understands this and caters to parents who want to make life easier.