Anti-Colic 240ml Collab Baby Bottle

Anti-Colic Baby Bottle



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Join hundreds of Mum's who have already chosen our Baby Bottle Collab for their little ones!

What's Included:
 Silicone Wide Neck Bottle 
⚪  X-FLOW Teat
⚪  Product Manual
⚪ Anti-Colic Valve Pin

⚪ You may need an additional teat pack depending on the age of your baby

⚪  Suitable from birth to 9 months+
Teat is 100% silicone with a soft and skin like feel, designed to mimic a breast
Specially designed air-control system allows the bottle to vent so your baby swallows milk, not air.
Unique leak-proof cap to keep germs out
Ultra-wide neck bottle for easy cleaning
Non-slip and easy grip for babies
BPA free

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Mimics Natural Feeding--Soft nipple baby bottle just like Mum

160 days, 898 reverse breast moulds, over 98 iterations, means this nipple is accepted by most babies. The ultra-soft nipple closely resembles a real breast so your baby is sure to get lost in the feeding experience.

Our unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness. We found this to be the best design for preventing reflux.

Hand Feeding Just Got Easier

The ergonomic contour grip and design is easy for little hands to hold as well as parents, it allows for a non slip grip to accommodate different baby feeding positions.

Dust-Proof Cap

Our engineers paid special attention when creating the bottle cap, leaving a tiny space between the outside of the cap and the teat gland to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Just remove the cap and set it aside when preparing to feed, it’s stylish, simple and most of all safe.

Easy To Clean

Many bottles have narrow necks which causes cleaning issues. Our designers created a wide neck baby bottle to allow for easy cleaning. Our silicone bottle is designed with a 65mm ultra-wide neck, meaning you can easily clean it with your whole hand.

Other great features of our baby bottle:

Mimics Natural Feeding >

Ergonomic Comfortable Grip >

Designed to Reduce Intake of Gas & Prevent Colic >

Easy to Remove Cap with Safety Lock >

Ideal For Combining Bottle Feeding & Breastfeeding >

< Nipple is 100% Silicone, Soft & Flexible

< Easy to Assemble & Clean

< Teats Available in 3 Sizes

< 8oz/240ML Stylish Body

< Max Heat-Resistance of 180°C/356°C

< Silicone Material is BPA Free

< Microwave & Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

See How Our Collab Bottle Works

Our anti-colic collab silicone baby bottle is designed to bring your baby a feeling of Mummy. The design of the bottle solves several key issues with the standard baby bottle. Our collab bottle helps avoid gassiness by venting through a unique air-control system. Having an ultra-wide neck makes for easy cleaning and the antibacterial silicone helps prevent bacteria and you never have to worry about toxic chemicals for your little one.

Most of all, our silicone bottles solve the problem of “bottle rejection” and “nipple confusion" with a design that closely resembles the real thing.

NUPEAA’s collab silicone baby bottle is the perfect bottle for both breast and formula fed babies.